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The Barracks

I'm Armed and Poetic

John David
12 June
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Sometimes I feel I don't belong here, that i belong back in time. Where warriors in battle wore plate armor and used bastard swords, Or when england were populated with gentlemen and ladies. But lately I've come to realize I'm here and I can't change it. Anyways, I feel I'm alone alot, I try not to let it show, it works...damn. I'm a poet, 90% of my poems are sad about sorrow, loneliness, you get the jist. I like to fence I'm practically self taught of what i know. My dad died when i was 2. I know nothing about him. It's sad. Oh well, shit happens huh? I just moved into a new house, I pretty much designed my own room, everybody who has seen it likes it so I guess I did a good job. OK thats all i can think of at the time.

<< This was about a year and a half ago. About a year or 2 before that i made a deal with myself that I'd take a year off after school, and then either go to college or join the military so here I am 5 months into the United States Marine Corps.
Life's okay. I recently just started writing poetry again. I'm a little rusty but I cotribute it to lack of inspiration.
I no longer have a step father...cha-ching!! My sister is cooky and lives with my mother at the moment but thats ever-changing. My aunt has mesothelioma which is what my dad and Grandmother died of, so I might lose another one to cancer. Oh yeah...I'm still Girless seeya lata playas